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sweet peas and sassafras

Last night, E was saying something about sweet peas - actual peas that were sweet. But I told him that a sweet pea was a flower. He didn’t believe me. So I found a site about Sweet Peas, but they don’t look like I remember. I remember my mom telling us that these flowers that were on tall stems with a teeny bit smaller than a golf ball sized bud, and it opened up pink. And I was always sad because it was the April flower (my birthmonth), and it didn’t smell very good. smile So what is it that I’m remembering?

Next to where these flowers grew was a beautiful tree called a Sassafras Tree. We liked picking off the different shapes of leaves to find the Michigan shaped ones smile (and we’d say "I live here" and point to a certain place on the leave ;) Gina do you guys do that too? smile )

So there’s my nature thoughts of the morning, which I have admittedly vague memories of because it was all before I was 10! smile


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I’m definitely thinking of the same kind of sweet pea you are... I think of the climbing variety with pink flowers, like these:


I *so* love sassafras! Sassafras tea is the best ... hot or cold. I even make sassafras soaps!

I can recall when I was a little girl doing that with the Sassafras leaves, but can’t recall that I’ve ever had the pleasure showing my children. I think I’ll have to go find one now smile

we have always done that. with all sorts of things...not just leaves. smile

are you thinking of paeonys instead of sweet peas?

Golf-ball sized bud, opening to large, unscented flower in white, pink or red/

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