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participation positive 092302

Its time to start my week off right!!!

  • I have had SUCH a great day.
  • I got a new CD from my wishlist from Lisa, who I helped with a photoblog last week! So neato!
  • My sister Lisa got to go back to school. We still don’t know about sports, but at least they let her back in.
  • Mom started school today, and she’s so excited.
  • My sister Megan just called and is gonna come and go to lunch with me tomorrow, before SHE leaves for school.
  • I almost have tons of new styles up at Blogstyles after working all morning and learning some new PHP to boot.
  • I feel happy.
  • E came home for lunch, and made me smile.
  • GH was particularly interesting today!
  • I feel so blessed by my friends.
  • Last week was so great because of getting Picture Yourself with Christine and the promise of something up Robyn ’s sleeve too smile
  • i am loved and i love
  • There were tons of posts I was able to answer this morning on the MT forums
  • I had cereal for lunch. yummy Life Cereal.


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You’re so welcome! Thanks for all of your help.

And the new styles are really nice!

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