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no going out for me

It sucks to be in so much pain that you can’t leave the house. Blah. E wanted me to go out with him and look for a vacuum, and then get food. But I just don’t think I could even make the walk across the parking lot, moreless be wandering around the store.

So I stayed home. We talked about a few options we wanted on the vacuum, and I wrote down what he wanted me to order from the Green Tea Kitchen so he can call me and tell me when he’ll be by to pick it up.

I feel bad. I mean, I *feel* sore, but I also feel bad. sad

I took a nap for an hour and a half and I dreamt I went clothes shopping. I wish I could go to the mall. What fun that would be!!


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I hope you feel better. At least the Charmed season premiere will be on today. I’d bring you something to cheer you up if I was closer.

If you’re looking for a vacuum, consider the Miele vacuum. They are expensive but VERY good and worth the cost. Miele has been a trusted brand in Europe for years. I personally am lusting after one of these vacuums myself but don’t have the money to hand over for it. We use to own one in Portugal and we had it for years. Now my sister’s best friend’s mother bought one and she loves it. Check out www.miele-vacuum.com.

I hope you feel better soon! Get an Oreck. They’re light, they work well and you can get them mail order/web. smile We love ours! Our package came w/ the upright vacuum, a smaller one (like a Dustbuster w/ cord), one of those sweepers they use in restaurants and a ton of bags. http://www.oreck.com/

Just wanted to say I love you, sweetie, and I hope you feel better.

I keep having dreams about having sex. Do you think my mind is trying to tell me something? *wink*

I hope you’re feeling better soon. You’re simply the best and deserve nothing less!

Buy the Miele. It’s the best thing since sliced bread.
Screw the other manufacturers. They are gay.
Miele is King. Miele is God. Miele will soon RULE THE WORLD!

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