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I’ve been pretty quiet today, haven’t I? I was pretty worn out after yesterday, so I tried to take it easy.

Watched yesterdays GH and that was exciting - Zuly’s Zu captured my surprise pretty well!

I got a few things done this morning, and then this afternoon, my sister Megan came to visit - she scared me 'cuz she found her key to get in, and I didn’t hear her!! It really bites that I can’t hear the doorbell from up here!

I’ve spent a bit of time working on some last coding for Picture Yourself. Its such a great project, I can’t stop saying that. I love what I’ve been coding, its sure fun.

I found out that the contest I placed 2nd in is revoting and I have another chance at my design being on top.

The Growing Pains movie is on right now :giggle: I loved that show. Kirk Cameron is just too cool smile

And I think its about time for bed. Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite!! smile


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Sleep tight yourself and good luck with your design! (My Hellcat photo is in second at Rannie’s, so I know all about the second place blues!)

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