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long day

I got up at 8, checked my mail and answered some important issues, fixed my MT after suexec got enabled, and then it was time to go to work!

Mom called and told me that my sister got suspended, and I got to ride along with dad while he went to deliver a certain sample (ahem!) to a clinic for testing. :sigh: I’m pretty worried about her. She might not be able to go back to school. sad

Then I went to work, and answered everybodys work questions for a whole lot of hours. I got a bit more cleaned up off my desk and took all my pens home smile I went to lunch with mom, and caught up with Annette. I did some jobs for Dad, and cleaned up my work computer desktop. Today was my last scheduled day at work, but the rest of my cleaning up still needs to be finished and computers need to be swapped around. My computer will be the server when all is said and done.

But I didn’t get home until 4:15, and so I’m a bit worn out. I need to finish up the changes to rina-doll ’s site, and do some more things to Picture Yourself (including a form I need to work with E on). I’m getting caught up on the posts on the MT forums because I haven’t helped at all today. And I have a pile of email to go through! I also need to write my introduction to the CFIDS self-help group. Of course, with being late and all that , I didn’t get anything cooked for dinner. Or a nap. Oh dear!

Oh and of course, I just got to help Matthew find images of Italy’s money. They don’t use the Lira anymore, according to google, they are Euro-users. In case YOU too want to know about this, check out The Euro - Italiansrus.com smile

So that was my day. How was yours?


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Holy cow! I hope you get lotsa r&r tonight to make up for everything! I’m tired just reading it...

Your sis sounds like my sis... she’s finally shaping up a bit, my mom called yesterday and said she was moving home and thinking about starting college again (for the third time). She’s just a year younger than me, but it feels like there’s a much bigger gap sometimes.

You, my dear, are amazing. I owe you a million times over. And then some! What a FANTASTIC thing we have made! K/Christine Power - ACTIVATE!

Lord knows I need you helping out at MT. Oh, and probably everyone else too. Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to post a decent reply to a problem. Till then, bear with me =)

I’m sorry your sister got suspended. It is so hard to help teenagers.

Looks like you had a busy and productive day! You go smile

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