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about me

On my made spree of organizing yesterday, I revised my about page. Its now got some more basics about me (since at least one person lately had asked what my job is!), and the 100 things added, hidden right inline on the page like my extended entries are.

So yeah, you are welcome to check it out smile

I’m off to dinner at my family’s house - Baked Potatoes and fruit salad, yum yum!


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Hmm, baked potatoes ... that sounds SO good! Maybe I will fix those tonight for dinner! laughing Thanks for the suggestion!

thanks Kristine! smile that was probably me that asked you what kind of work you do... thanks for the info! whenever i start reading (or get back to reading) a journal, i always read their about me page. just to know *something* before i read up on their lives. i had visited your journal so long ago and couldn’t remember what you did... and from your entries, i could kinda tell what you did, but now i know! smile

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