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tweaks I did...

You know me, I’m always playing with something on my site. The newest stuff I did was to bring my skins back to my comments screen. With some trickery ;) and the ideas of Brenna, I’ve got trackback working on my Individual Archives. So I did a lot of tweaks to that template. I added in a variety of plugins today. I also added a better system of random entries and more php. Its been TONS of fun smile

If you are using the grunge skin, its the only one that currently has all these tweaks on it, but I’ll be bringing more of the things across to all of them as I can find space. The nice thing about the grunge skin is that I designed it with such small fonts for the sidebar that I can add a lot of info! That makes *me* happy :LOL:

I added one more bit of code to ScriptyGoddess this evening. I still have another section of my site that’s new to finish up tomorrow.

Now, I’m gonna go sit on the couch and watch the rest of Tomb Raider with my boy smile


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I love the grunge skin! And that is one heck of a lot of 'powering links' over there! :p

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