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friday five 091302

Its time for a school-related episode of
the friday five!

  1. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Why? In high school, I really enjoyed the computer classes. Because I passed an equivalency test for Keyboarding, I got to take a year in Word Processing and that was fun. I also took a semester in Computer programming smile In college, I really enjoyed the accounting, and then Training and Development where I actually got to put together a training procedure and head up the class for 1/2 of the quarter was amazing.
  2. Who was your favorite teacher? Why? When I was in college, I had a wonderful teacher who inspired me a great deal - she taught communication and training & development and human resources. She’s the reason that I went into some of these things with a stronger force once I was working.
  3. What is your favorite memory of school? Hmmm, I am having a hard time coming up with something specific. I really liked learning. I enjoyed being in Pre-Calc and helping people with their homework smile
  4. What was your favorite recess game? Since I was homeschooled, this is kinda a mute point. I enjoyed Mother, May I with my friends after church, though smile
  5. What did you hate most about school? The judgemental bitches who used me on every event they could during high school. They made fun of me with one face and kissed up to me with their other faces. I have such bad memories of much of HS because of that.


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