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pop or soda

CNN.com - Coke, soda, or pop? Netizens drink up e-cola poll

... the debate between those soft drink synonyms is a linguistic undercard in the nation’s carbonated war of words. The real battle: pop vs. soda.
:giggle: I know that my Michigan roots gave me more than just a state on my birth certificate - it caused me to ask for pop. laughing

Of course, I didn’t realize that it was anything odd to ask for pop until E and I started dating and he made fun of me. So now, I noticed that waitresses looked at me funny when I order pop. So I’ve tried to ask for things specifically by name like Cherry Coke or Root Beer. Or even sometimes I hear myself echoing E and saying Soda. ;)

edited to say - Robyn and me are on the same wavelength, but she included this link to the official survey and it was too cool to not point out here too!


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Coke please. (Or Mountain Dew Code Red if you’re not in the South.) smile

I’m definitely from the South as well ... I’ve always ordered Coke and I always will - even if all they have is Pepsi. smile

Oh, that reminded me of another thing - if the restaurant only has one type of pop or the other, and I try to order a Cherry Coke, they always have to say "I’m sorry, we only have Pepsi." So make that a Cherry Pepsi laughing That’s just as good!!!

Pop! But only because my family is from MN and they have always said it. People in MN freak out at you if you say "soda".

It’s always a coke to me. smile I have to disagree, though, Cherry Pepsi is nasty! tongue out

Well, the premade Cherry Pepsi (I think its Wild Cherry Pepsi, actually) is sucky, but if they take Pepsi from the fountain drinks at somewhere like Applebees and then add grenadine, I’m good with that! 'specially when they put cherries in it!! smile

Whoo hoo! Let’s hear it for POP!

And here I posted about the survey, without knowing a thing about the article! (I wrote it as draft 3:30pm - but the MAN is keepin' me down and I couldn’t post it until later!)

When I’m ordering at a restaurant I’ll usually ask for Coke or Pepsi by name. But if we’re low at the house or whatever I’ll say we need more pop. Growing up that’s just what my parents always referred to it as, so I guess I just picked it up from them. smile

I always ask for a particular product when ordering. But if I’m just thinking about it, it’s just fizzy drink to me! smile

My favorite thing that the article says is that the website seems to point out that half of Florida is Southern and the other half is transplanted Northerners. Like they needed the Coke vs. Whatever to explain that! Heh.

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