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Calm and peaceful days are amazingly welcome in my life. Today has been one of them for the most part. Since I worked yesterday, I was off the hook for today smile And that was a mixed blessing.

Mixed mainly because I wasn’t really in the mindset to work yesterday, with the rush and worry about whether or not I’d be able to get the computer working again. So it was not so productive. But, I did fix the computer. It had weird numbers on the screen and wouldn’t boot up. Its from 94 (the first computer I had when I went to school, being recycled as our barcode computer with a dying dot-matrix printer attached) and its been on its way to dying for a long time. On a long shot before calling E, I noticed that the computer didn’t even get far enough in its booting up for the num lock to change the light on the keyboard. So I swapped keyboards with the one on my desk, and it booted up. Phew! I still need to be working on the next solution, but its a relief to not have to do it with only a few days to get it all up!

I was telling E last night that I don’t really think that its very good for me to be the emergency contact because I instantly got shooting sidepains when mom told me what was wrong. I must remember to BREATHE.

So today, I’ve been enjoying my peace and calm this morning. I got up and had breakfast, and watched 7th Heaven and then went back to bed for 2 hours. That’s really what I need every day - a 2 hour nap. So I love it when it works out. After that, I got up and started working on my growing pile of email. I’m starting to make a dent in it, and hopefully before soaps are over, I’ll be closer to being caught up. I’m pretty darn happy today. smile


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Glad to hear you are happy today!

Hooray for peaceful days—you deserve a month of 'em back to back!

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