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Grunge Skin!

I already know that 13 is my lucky number! Introducting Skin 13! I put the finishing touches on my newest skin tonight.... Pick a Skin. I played with tons of new brushes and felt so inspired by them that I had to create *something*!!

my zalary-love does grunge better than me, but I am happy with how this turned out anyhow!

design specs - its not as fast loading as my css skin, and its definitely better in IE because it lets me take advantage of some CSS properties, but It doesn’t break in Opera 6 or Netscape 7 smile So I’m getting better cross-browser-wise!


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it’s gorgeous, i love it! you’re so wonderfully talented! smile

Beautiful! I totally love it. Wish I could make such cool skins!

Skintabulous girl!! The whole thing just rocks my socks!

Very nice—I’m constantly wow'ed by you!

That’s beautiful!

I love this skin smile If you ever feel inspired to play around with some fingerprint brushes I made, I can send them to you. I’m so use to the black/red skin that this will be a change to get use to.

Really like your new skin, it’s fab. smile

I was trying out your other skins and your love tech one is a mass of broken images...is it me?

i love this one! muted purples... i’m using this one at work.

I have always used the default on your site, but this skin just rawks. I love it. I wish I had such amazing talent. smile

I’m so jealous of your skins... but I’m determined to figure out skinning! I think I’m on step two (maybe three) of Amy’s tutorial, so that means cleaning up the stylesheet and selecting those parts I use often. Then I get to dig into HTML... ah, wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way!

Great job—the opaque effect looks gorgeous! smile

I love the new skin! And it’s in purple makes it even more beautiful!!

Wow, I like it more than the default one!

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