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Farscape dead

What sad news sad Zap2it | 'Farscape' Journey Comes to an End

After a roller-coaster ride of e-mails, calls and last-minute financial negotiations, Sci Fi Channel’s "Farscape" is officially over.


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Oh no! That has to be my favorite show on cable, and I don’t even have cable! smile And I just got an email from someone saying there would be at least 11 more episodes.

Doesn’t that just bite? I loved Ben Browder... er... Farscape. They have 11 more eps starting in January, I believe. That’s when they finish off season 4. Then it’s all over. sad

My chat room had links to the petitions and people you could contact to try and show your support up on Friday.

I’m too lazy to read the article, does this mean it’s now official (no statement had been released from the sci-fi channel originally)

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