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coding freak

I’m such a glutton for punishment. I’m almost done with one project (new skin + MySQL updates box for it), but how many more am I working on now? A whole new mt-blog that’s almost done being set up with MTAmazon, and then I decided I wanted to add some other data, so I’m researching PHP and XML: Parsing RSS 1.0. My goodness, I’m insane!

And in the middle of the night, I started on a redesign for a contest for a group I’m in. Which has to be done before tomorrow night.

How does this stuff just get started? I’ve got client emails to write, but instead, I’m researching XML/XSL and PHP. LOL!


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i love all that geek talk! i want to learn how to talk like that.

so when do you take a vacation? ;)

Don’t forget that RSS 1.0 is about to be superseded, read Dive Into Mark for a good summary, or Scripting News. And who knows, even Aaron’s RSS 3.0 might catch on =). Just don’t learn something you’ll have to relearn in a week or so.

By the way - did you see what I spent my night doing last night (instead of sleeping?) Skins! Skins! Cookie skins! I’m so happy - I love looking at your pink cookie! smile

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