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friday blogs IV

Friday Blogs
To following in my footsteps from the last few weeks, I’m gonna give the spotlight to a few more blogs this week. I set up a category to keep track of these posts, too!
  • Pizza Dreams - Statia is someone I found through Robyn , I believe. Now she’s a member of theredkitchen and I always giggle when I read her site - look, Homer Simpson is on her header now!
  • Zuly’s Zu - A new to me site, Zuly commented on one of my CFS posts - she deals with similar issues with Fibromyalgia.
  • Broken Down - Carla’s a great person, and we’ve been writing back and forth for the last little while. I hear that she’s got a new design and domain up her sleeve, but probably not until after she gets her DSL working!
  • Quotidian Mundanities - I only just found this site, but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. She posts frequently, and I can tell that I’ll enjoy keeping up with her posts.
  • chastitycatt - I found this site through the Blogomania guest list. Her job posts make me laugh - I can’t imagine setting up snowmen yet!!
All of these great blogs can be found, plus more, can be found on my :links: smile


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Aww! Thanks smile It is a privilege to be mentioned smile

Aww! Thanks smile It is a privilege to be mentioned smile

Thanks very much!! And I’m looking forward to reading these other sites, too.

Quite a surprise to be reading along and see myself here. Thanks!
Have a great weekend! smile

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