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I wish it wasn’t so easy for me to feel worn out.

Yesterday morning, we went to Shari’s for some late breakfast, and while we were there, we talked about E needing a PS2, and our holiday plans. We decided to go over to Best Buy and go ahead and get the PlayStation2 because we’d been looking at it for a long time. They had the PS2s but not the Final Fantasy X that E was most wanting to play. So we walked around for a while and then decided to go home and order it online.

By the time we got home, I wasn’t feeling so hot - my legs didn’t want to support me, and I almost didn’t make it up the two flights of stairs to my bed before I collapsed. sad So I took a nap for a few hours.

When I got up, E had ordered the PS2 but then found out they couldn’t give him the FFX game, so he cancelled the order. He had been talking about how much he really would be happy to not have his computer crashing 2 or so times a night for no real reason. So instead of looking for a better deal on a PS2 and FFX, he started looking for the components he’d need to fix his computer up.

He actually found a case and stuff he really liked last night, and then he’ll be able to turn his old case and 2nd hard drive and stuff into a linux box. So instead of a PS2, we have pieces coming for his computer smile

I did work on some stuff yesterday afternoon, while watching an old Tori Spelling/Jason Brooks tv movie (The Alibi) and then Lake Placid before I went back to bed.

I wish I was feeling better, because I have a lot of projects I really want to be working on. But as it is, I’m going back to the couch because my back hurts too much to sit here any longer. Blah!


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Happy for E; Pouty and empathetic for your back and *really* excited to hear what you thought about Lake Placid.

It has Oliver Platt and Betty White in it! It’s the most hilarious b-movie of modern times. I adore it.

Ok, now back to my own pain bed. If I ever get around to writing my will I’m leaving all my "estate" to the family of the heating pad inventor. Whoever she was, she is my hero.

Just wanted to say hi and I hope you feel better, sweetie.

Hope you feel better, Kristine. Is "Lake Placid" good? I’ve been tempted to rent it.

i’m still wanting that CD rack that you bought at Best Buy... since i’m off tomorrow, shopping will be had at Best Buy... and i’ll probably buy my digi camera, too! i can’t wait! smile

i’m so jeaous that your hubby is building himself a new pc... i want a new pc, too! but i just spent all my moolah on a new AC unit. next time!

I’m working on getting a larger TV for the living room so I can get Jason a PS2 ... and put the 20" TV and the PS2 in my bedroom. The evil scheme? The PS2 will be a DVD player for me!

Sending you some love. Hope you feel better!

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