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friday blogs III

Friday Blogs
To following in my footsteps from the last few weeks, I’m gonna give the spotlight to a few more blogs this week.

Yes, its Saturday, and I’m slow! 'sokay, I didn’t tell myself they HAD to be friday blogs! This list is some blogs that I have enjoyed over the time I’ve been blogging, but never have really kept reading them regularly for one reason or another. So this is a redescovered AND read-more-often blog list!

  1. pixels in time ~ online journal - I like Cheryl because her writing style and organization is very similar to mine. (Which makes sense, since we are both ISTJ’s!)
  2. Alysha Jane - for whatever reason, I keep missing finding out that she’s moved sites or short hiatuses or whatever. I’ve been reading her site off and on since I can remember. She always has beautiful designs, and beautiful words.
  3. simple grace - another long-time read, but somehow I haven’t been reading her site as much since she moved from her last domain. I *love* the design she has up now. I’ve found a lot of great blogs because of her - and we have similar music tastes and both love Buffy.
  4. Mysterious Whisper - okay, so Amy is a relatively new favorite. She has beautiful designs, and talks about Sam (her son) a lot, and that makes me smile.
  5. Bona.Fide.Cynic - Shannon is another person with some similarities (another ISTJ!), and I love her light purple skin (with pink and yellow flowers in a bowl). She doesn’t post as frequently as most of my favorite reads do, but I love what she does post.
(all of these people and more can be found on my :links: list!)


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Thanks for reminding me that I must do mine for the week. The past few days have been very entry-lite over at my site, haven’t had much surfing time either.

Thanks Kristine, for the kind words smile

Thanks, Kristine! I’ve been thinking about changing my design around but have no energy to devote to it. I reviewed the ISTJ descriptions and it is quite accurate!

Kristine, I just have to let you know I love this idea. I’ve now discovered more than one new site from just the couple weeks you’ve been doing this. You and I seem to be attracted to the same blogs! Please don’t stop featuring more new (or semi-new) blogs.

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