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gray hair

Why Do We Have to Get Old? - Encarta - This article has some great info on looking like you are growing old and turning gray.

Meanwhile, I am left to wonder why my hair is turning gray, and why the wrinkle between my eyebrows--caused by repeatedly making my "concentration face"--now never leaves, even when I’m relaxed.
Its so funny because I’ve been going gray for the last year or so (and have quite the patch of gray now!) but still get carded because my face looks young. Odd combo, huh? And I’m only 26. Ugh! laughing


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I started getting gray hair immediately after my daughter was born almost 19 years ago.

I have to find and scan in my freshman highschool yearbook photo. I swear I look thirty in it! I’m convinced I’m getting younger looking as I get older. And damnit I’m not making any money off it. Somebody study me already! heh.

I saw that very same article today and was planning on sending you the link later. LOL!

I have a young looking face (as does my Mom), but I am past the 50% gray point. Mom is at about 90%. She will be 53 this year, but could easily pass for being in her 40’s. Of course, I can pass for 25 pretty easily, and I get carded a lot - even though I’ll be 33 in a month.

Gray can be really beautiful ... if you let it.

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