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participation positive 082602

Even though its the end of the day, I’m gonna do the participation positive to start my week off right!

  • I’m so happy to see that Jess had an awesome first day at her new job.
  • I worked today, and don’t have to go again until Thursday! Only two days this week!
  • I coded a random image/banner script with PHP and I am so proud of it! And E said it was good, too!
  • I got to see Megan today and didn’t have to see Lisa. (I’m such a bitch!)
  • My mom got her books for her classes today and paid for them, so she’s officially a student.
  • Megan got her school for last year finished paying off and the rest of the summer will go towards her school year that starts in September.
  • I cleaned up a ton of of email in my mailbox.
  • I love having TechTV to watch smile
  • Several sections of my site ( :collectics: and lovelinks ) are much more organized than last week, and my graphics sets are on the way to be more organized too!
  • I feel happy tonight.
  • I got to go to dinner w/E, and I love our time together.
  • i love and i am loved
  • I have such great friends, and I am making new ones, and even friends who will be around more, and so that makes me smile. MUSH LOVE to ALL of you!!


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Awww. I love you too. smile

Sounds like a great start! And those days off don’t hurt, right?

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