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sad and sick

I’m really sad that I wasn’t feeling very well today. I woke up at 3something this morning with a headache, and it never went away. Its faded now a bit, but its been a sucky-on-the-couch day for me instead of a productive day.

And I had so many things I’d like to have worked on today. Yesterday WAS productive, however.

I started out the day yesterday with a lot of playing with music again. I downloaded and sorted some more, along with working on a PHP script that will help me share my music collection with others - the titles and songs at least. Kind of a "If you liked THIS, then you might like THAT" type of idea. I know that I would enjoy it if it was on another fav person’s journal, so I’m working on it for myself to share with my friends.

Then E wanted a project, so we worked on a database to help organize my graphics sets. I have quite a few now, and so its getting to be a bit harder to update. So we are making a database so that it can be more dynamic. I got all of my recents sets added to the MySQL database, and hopefully, E and I will get some of the coding finished soon. He’s worked on it so far - all in PHP, but I’d guess that I’ll help finish it up. He’s definitely smarter when it comes to this stuff, but I’m not just a beginner ;)

Between naps today, I started reading up on Regex expressions. Hey, I’m interested now that I have the MTRegex plugin installed!!! smile

Sitting up is a bit hard today. My back has really been painful, and obviously a bad headache/migraine (borderline one) sucks. My knee hurts pretty bad sitting at my desk. So soon, I’ll move back to the couch. Which isn’t as much fun on a Sunday night because E wants to watch Fox all night, so I can’t flip!

It makes me giggle to see that its already Monday morning at Maddy’s blog smile

Speaking of Maddy, I think I’ll hop on over to the MT forums and see what’s been happening while I spent the day on the couch. I was sad to see a post on another blog today insinuating that there isn’t so much support for MT. Dude, I spend at least 2 hours a day over there. That’s on a slow day, its usually more. So don’t say that there’s no support. There’s at least 3 or 4 of us who are there ALL the time and answering as many questions as we know how. So yeah, I’m gonna go see how much I can get done before my butt starts killing me again!

Hope your weekend was beautimus smile


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sorry you weren’t feeling well today. i hope you feel better soon

Hope you feel better soon, Kristine! You are SO, SO, SO giving and generous and productive! MAN! I know I’ve said it before, but you would be worth a freaking gold mine in my office!!!! LOL!

hope you’re feeling better kristine! and just remember those silly people who say silly things about no support for mt don’t know what they’re talking about. smile

I can relate to the headaches. I hope you feel better now. smile

I have to agree that Ben & Mena can be slow on support for MT. I’ve sent in support requests before and had them go completely unanswered. If I have paid for a key (actually several) then I would expect them to give me some support as promised.

YOU are wonderful in the support forums. But THEY could do a little bit better. I shouldn’t have to rely on volunteers for support.

One of my favourite things about MT is the support forums - when I first installed I knew nothing about what I was doing and just learning by ear, and people were so patient with even my most stupid questions, and now I go there just to read, and to help out when I can which is very little given how little I know!

Yes, we’ve been a bit absent from the forums as of late—but that’s because we’re developing all sorts of great new stuff for MT. Our response time goes in waves—if it didn’t there would never be new versions of the application.

Part of the reason that we’ve stayed away from the boards is because people like Kristine have things covered. A good community and a self-sufficient board is a good thing, right? We’re not relying on them—if they stopped responding, we would step in.

Christine, regarding inquiries that have gone unanswered, I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about. Please feel free to address us personally.

That last sentence of mine doesn’t make any sense. I meant to say, if you have any unanswered questions or inquiry, please contact us and we’ll address them.

I hope you’re feeling better today!

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