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pcs phone

On a commercial this evening for a PCS Sprint phone, they were telling all the things that the screen on it could be used for... one of them was a Screensaver. Dude, who would put a screensaver on their phone? Think about the batteries that would eat up!!! LOL!


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I have a T68, not actually a Sprint phone, and I do have a screensaver on it. It looks like Matrix screen where the weird characters scroll across the screen. I get something crazy like 7 hours of talk time on a full charge, so battery isn’t really an issue.

Yes, I know. I need a twelve step program or something smile.

My Sprint PCS phone came with several screensavers.... They amused me for about five minutes, then I got annoyed. I accidentally left one on once, it ATE through my power! I’d completely forgotten that option til you just mentioned it!

Yep, my Fido has a screen saver smile Actually my Timex sportswatch has one too!

Hey Kristine,

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Kristi smile

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