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Style XP

Since I’ve had WinXP, I’ve been thinking that there should be a way to have more than just the 4 options of color schemes that come with the program. I re-found a link again to Style XP this morning, and I’m thinking that maybe I should get it. Because it appears that sites like DeskMod and WinCustomize have free skins that can be downloaded to be used in conjunction with StyleXP.

Anybody have experience with these things already that wants to share? I know I could download the trial of StyleXP, but if there’s something better, I don’t wanna waste my time!! smile


When I used XP I found a good third party program for changing the schemes, but the trouble is I’ve lost the url sad

I’ve recently switched to Linux, now that is good for changing schemes. You can have the taskbar any colour and texture you desire, and layed out in any way. Very cool for that.

I use Style XP and love it. It doesn’t slow the system down in anyway and there are lots of choices. The other one I have used is called Object Desktop(http://www.stardock.com/products/odnt/). I only used it before I had XP and then didn’t like it, because it seemed to crash my system a lot, but that may have been a result of win 98. Good luck!

I have XP Pro and I have used StyleXP for some time now And I think its great! You can also find more themes (Styles) for it at http://www.themexp.org/. They have a pretty nice selection and also have wallpapers and bootscreens and shuch for XP and they are all free.. StyleXP well worth they money!!

I prefer using Windowblinds with WinXP Pro, although just about any Stardock product is excellent.

I have Style XP and I have loved it! Until recently when it loses the style I have set. I have to reset it every morning. Besides that it’s been great. smile

I downloaded StyleXP and loved it. It’s a quality program. What’s cool though is that you can get the same thing for free. (From StyleXP even) UX Theme Util is a hack. You rename a .dll and you’re able to skin your computer without StyleXP. The only thing that is different is that you don’t have the StyleXP UI. I used these instructions. It worked really well for me. It’s free and it’s easy.

Have fun. smile