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shopping early

When I started shopping this morning at 5:15, Safeway.com had an open time slot between 12-2. A half hour later, I was done picking my stuff, selected the 12-2 slot, and pressed confirm... and poopydoopy - that time slot isn’t there anymore. So now I have to wait till 4-6 to get my groceries. That’s not as much fun now, is it?!

Oh well, shopping is done, and the groceries will get here today. That’s good news in any case. And its only 57 degrees, so I got to do my shopping in relative coolness. Now I think I’ll go back to bed. LOL! smile


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The book that I am editing right now for work talks about online grocery shopping (Safeway in particular). I *so* wish that we could do that here ... I would *so* love not to have to stand in line and walk around the entire grocery store trying to find exactly what I wanted! Seems like so much drama every time I go grocery shopping! hehe smile Be lucky that you can do that!!!

I also wish our grocery stores delivered around here; right now, they’re testing the service in the more affluential neighborhoods. Someday, they’ll deliver around here, and I cannot wait... it can be very challenging to do grocery shopping with an active 22 month old.

Ok weird question. Do you tip the person who deliveres the groceries to your door? Or is that part of the $9.95 delivery fee?

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