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"What’s worse than a Tangerine Taffeta Bridesmaid dress?"

If I hear that commercial one more time, I’m gonna scream! They play it like 7 times an hour during Buffy, and its starting to drive me bonkers!!!!!


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They always play the worst commercials during Buffy. I still cringe when I think about the last season on WB where they showed the backwash commercial every single break. Y'know the one on the ship with the Diet Pepsi. EWWWW.

HURRAH! I can finally see your site. Have no idea why my first tries didn’t work... but it’s lovely! I’ve been a fan of Snap! for a bit now, I just couldn’t get the main part to work... oh, this isn’t very related to your post, huh. I do know the commercial you’re talking about, and I happen to think tangerine is a pretty color, which annoys me whenever that commercial comes on. Maybe not in a bridesmaid’s dress, but it’s still pretty. I hate all the "period" commercials. Like a period would stop you from talking to the cute DJ. Geez.

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