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sleep issues

Let’s hope that my doctor when I go to the sleep center will do a survey type format like this article sugests instead of a sleep study where I have to spend the night.... WebMD - New Test Spots Sleep Disorders. I really don’t wanna do the sleeping overnight thing. Especially since E has noticed me doing the same sleep-apnea like things for a few months. I think that the 10-15 lbs that I lost helped that already. But, I feel I should go because it would be one more section to rule out from my fatigue. I really should schedule that this morning. Blah. The lady on the phone was a major bitch to me the first time I called and hung up on me.


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I’m enraged that a healthcare worker would be rude to you on the phone (I’ve worked in healthcare for the past 20 years)....call them back and speak to her supervisor AND write a letter. There is no excuse for rudness to a patient (new or returning).

OMG...she hung up on you?!? That’s unbelievable. What could you have possibly said? I agree....report her bitchy ass. OMG!!

taking deep breaths.....and good luck w/the sleep study sweetie!! ;) XOXOXO

Wow, Kristine - I agree with the others, report that lady. Hopefully you got her name and stuff.

And I hope you get some answers about your sleep patterns, etc.

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