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creation west

It makes me giggle everytime they tell me the Creation Festival West is locationed - George, WA ;) Its at the Gorge at George in George Washington. LOL! Oh, its going on now - and has TONS of great Christian artists performing. Its about 3 hours from here, but it would be a cool thing to go to someday. I went to Jesus NW when they were still having it here in Vancouver, and it was amazingly cool - I think this is a similar idea smile


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We went to Creation at the Gorge a couple years ago, and it was amazing! We camped, which was waaaay too hot, but all the artists were great! I would go if you have a chance!

How weird! I’m from Washington, and I’ve actually never been to the Gorge @ George but It isn’t that far from where I am. What is coincidence.

I went to Creation East in PA several years back - I also camped there. It was definitely WAY TOO HOT (temperatures in the 100s and limited access to shade, showers, and water) but as long as we hid during the day and went to the shows at night, it was a lot of fun. I’d do it again, but I’d probably consider taking options for cooling (or renting at a hotel nearby and driving in). Lots of fun, though smile

I was SO there!exercise

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