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participation positives: 072202

Its Monday, which means its time for participation positives! I must start my week off positively!

  • I got to talk to both of my parents about stopping working today.
  • I have a brand new CD (Vanessa Carlton from a special friend ;) )
  • I’m here at work alone for the afternoon, which will give me quiet time to work on statements.
  • My carpets will be all clean when I get home.
  • My house is really cleaner than it has been for a long time. Thank you, Eric smile
  • Even though its super hot, I have a fan pointing at my feet below my desk, and its really helping.
  • I worked really hard on some new graphic sets this weekend, and feel encouraged that I can add to my linkware collection and start on my shareware collection with some more motivation.
  • I got to work on my lack-of-motivation list of things to do on friday, and did most of the things on my list this morning.
  • My client of last week was really happy with what I sent her.
  • I have so many terrific friends online and I feel so blessed.
  • I love and I am loved
  • I got to ride in MY car this morning because my dad drove it to pick me up. I love my car, its so cute.
  • My heart is happy because Eric is such a wonderful husband. He gives so much to me, and I am so lucky.
  • My brother has a girlfriend and everyone says she is so sweet, and they are going to move in together in September. I’m really excited for them, and I wouldn’t doubt if this is a long-term relationship. I haven’t met her yet.
  • I’m starting off the week without the burden of "I’ve gotta tell my dad that I’m leaving work."
  • I feel positive that I can make it another hour and a half to the end of work and actually accomplish some good things smile


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