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I’m feeling so much in pain these days

I’ve had a pretty bad headache since Thursday, and nothing is knocking it outta my head.
My body just aches and stabs me with these amazing radiations of pain from the base of my back, my calves, my shoulders, and my hips. Not to mention my face from this headache.
It doesn’t seem to matter how I lay or sit, it just hurts.
And the pain is so great that its hard to fall asleep. Which makes for more pain. It sucks to have the first thought as you open your eyes be Owwwwww.

But what do I want the doctors to do about it? Do I really want to feel all drugged up all the time? I’m kinda hoping that the doctor I see who specializes in chronic fatigue will be a naturapath - there are two on the list. This might make them more likely to give me options besides just "here, this’ll kill the pain."

But its so sad to not be able to leave the house because it hurts too much. I hope that I can make it through work today. I have so much to do.


big hugs and kisses kristine!!!!

I wonder if it isn’t partly so bad right now due to the stress you are feeling over your job. Hopefully once that gets straightened the headache won’t be as bad. I’ll keep good thoughts to send your way.

Sorry to hear you’re in so much pain, Kristine!! sad

I’m sorry to hear you’re hurting so. It goes in cycles for me, and I hope this cycle passes quickly for you! Do you ever notice it tied to pressure fronts? When we have tropical storms and such blow by, I’m at my worst. Just wondering if maybe your weather might be partly to blame? Hang in there sweetie...