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MHD afternoon

I didn’t get much done today. I worked on some stuff this morning, and called Megan to touch base with her. We decided to go to lunch, and so we got ready and went to lunch and brough E with us. I came home, and did some surfing before I decided I was tired and laid down for a 2+ hour nap. I’m just waking up from that. I realize, I needed the nap... and it was good to see Meg because we go for days w/o seeing each other with work and stuff. But where did my productive day go?! smile

It’s SO hot in here. Weather Bug says 98, so its at least 104+ upstairs. Even with the fans, that’s freakin insane.


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We’ve made it to triple digit status down here. Record breaking status actually. Can you say 108 degrees? *yowza* lol

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