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teenage angst

I’m having a really hard time working with my sister Lisa this summer.

She’s acting like a 16 year old. Yes, she is 16. She’s pretty selfish at times, and I’m fed up with it. With mom and dad gone, she’s done basically what she pleased for the last few weeks, and its making her even more wanting to do just what she wants to do. It makes her not as receptive to my instructions as an employee and it also makes her not as fun to be around.

I’ve got too many things of my own going on to really deal with the teenageness of the issues. I know that makes me a bad sister, but my realisticness makes me tell her to just suck it up and deal with the situations.

Her latest complaint? Matthew is now saying he wants to go to school at Meadow Glade. Its the school next door to where she goes to school, and she’s saying he can’t go because she wants her freedom. That’s NOT a reason. I believe its a better school, and has more to offer him than the local one. She listed off reasons why she didn’t want him to go, and they all had to do with HER. I told her I thought she might be being a little selfish. Truth wins out over tact. She was annoyed, and it was time for me to get outta the car, so I said "hey, don’t stress about it, there’s still time and no decisions are made, kay?" She still wasn’t happy, and let her tires squeal as she left. Durh.

So that was my family inspired post of the moment...


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