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alarm clock

I knew when I didn’t see E setting the alarm that I should be watchful of the time this morning. And like clockwork, I started waking up around 4 something until I finally gave into the waking-up-ness around 5:30. Nope, he still hadn’t set the alarm. He’s lucky that I have one in my head. smile

So I’m up reading a bit for a 1/2 hour before waking him up. Its the way I like to get my day started the most. In the quiet and dark, reading my favorite sites and email notes from all night.

I go back to work today, but not until this afternoon. I’m anxious about it. I feel done with the whole situation, and I’m ready to not be there. But my commitment to my dad can’t change until we talk, and he’s on his way home from Michigan this morning smile So I’m hanging on, and I’m gonna work on finishing some stuff up on my desk. Actually, I’ll probably be catching up with stuff all day today; mail, bills, etc.

In my perfect world, I have things to work on here that I love all the more. So this morning, I’ll do happy things and projects that are good. And that will keep me content for the now.

Back to my happy surfing before my job as an alarm clock is required. Dontcha know, I’m a kissing cuddling alarm clock, and much more nice to wake up to than a loud beeping??! smile


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Hey there Kristine.. I tried to do this in the contat form but it errored out sorry...
I was just wondering if you could if you IF you aren’t busy...could you look at my site and see where I am missing the code to where the archives show the original layout...it'’s not a rush thing...than ks a bunch and I SO LOVE your new look!!!!

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