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NOT to do list

Another great article from a CFS site I read - they are the ones that I found the energy envelope article from last month that really helped me. CFIDS-FMS Self-Help - Making a NOT TO DO List. I particularly associated with one of the authors Not to do items:

Putting myself in the situation where I have to hurry is another no-no for me. Hurrying, such as to get ready for an appointment, really adds to my fatigue level. I guess it must be the extra adrenaline that pumps into my system when I rush that makes me feel so exhausted and stressed. Getting up a half hour earlier, or planning plenty of preparation time is worth the effort to be able to get ready at my speed. Some days I need rest breaks, other days I am able to get through the process without stopping. If I’m ready a few minutes early, I have a bit more driving time.

I get that same anxious feeling when I hurry, and then I’m 50% less prepared in my head. If I make a concious effort to NOT hurry, I’m better.

Good article for any one dealing with wanting to make themselves healthier, mentally and physically.


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