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megan and low carb

I had a nice long chat with Megan this morning. I told her about my appt., and she told me about some stuff going on for her. SHe just got a book about low-carb diets, and thinks she’d like to do something like this but she wants to have some ideas of things she can eat before she starts... so we did some looking and found this - Lowcarbfriends.com Menus There sure are some odd combinations!

So then I got off the phone and went and had some carbs for lunch. LOL! I vacuumed the living room and will move the chairs and do the dining room later on. Baby steps....

I watched Makeover story, and the girl on the show reminded me of Zalary for some reason smile It was happy... the couple being made-over was SO much in love smile

Besides all that, I’ve been playing on my site and a few other assorted things. And now, I’m gonna go lay in bed with a book until I fall asleep for my afternoon nap smile


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