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My dad is going to be so thrilled.... I finally (after months of looking) found his floormats for his car! And I won the auction last night: eBay Motors item 1836894941 (Ends Jun-21-0219:26:33 PDT ) - '90 Honda Accord Carpeted Floor Mats

See, dad’s got over a 1/2 million miles on his car. That means worn out floormats. smile And he’s actually on his second set, because mom replaced them when Honda was still selling them. But he has a big hole in the front seat one now, and so he’s been looking everywhere to try and find a new set.

So yay! Exciting stuff for him; and I’m glad I could help!


hondas are awesome. i drive a 1987. smile change the timing belt and they’ll run forever!

I know, aren’t they cool? Mines an 86 smile My family is kinda obsessed about hondas. (and that picture that my dad put together is over 6 months old, so we are over 1,400,000 between our cars now!) LOL!!

Wow. That’s so great. I’m going to drive my '91 Golf until it implodes (hopefully not with me in it) but when it finally does I’ll have to reconsider the Honda Civic as a replacement (instead of a Volkswagon Bug or Golf like I’d always planned on.)

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