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real recap

My trip. It was good smile

Saturday morning, I stressed quite a bit about forgetting things. Of course, this gave me butterflies in my tummy and my headache that never goes away was there. My body STILL was aching from Wednesday’s mall trip. Mom came and brought us to the airport, and we got through security really quickly and still had quite some time before our flight left, so we went to Starbucks in the airport and I got some hot chocolate and a chocolate croissant. Yummmm... I think that’s my first time actually buying something at Starbucks!

Once we got above the clouds, I sure felt my light sensativity problems get worse. I looked out the window to catch a glipse of Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Rainier, and instantly, my eyes started crying - huge teardrops, every time I looked at the clouds. It was just so bright, and I couldn’t take it - I had to shut the blinds. That made me SO sad. I knew it was getting bad, but I had no idea HOW bad. sad I LOVE to stare out the window, and usually do it the whole trip. :sigh: But E cheered me up with some magazines and stuff. I watched him play with the gameboy and stuff. We got off the plane and FINALLY found our luggage, and E’s mom had been driving around waiting for us.

First family meal happened when we got home - she had yummy mashed potatoes from Costco, and sweet and sour fried gluten and a bunch of other great stuff. I got to play with E’s cousins - Nita has gotten so big! She’s 3 now, and just latched onto me - she was so cute and actually was saying something that sounded like my name by the end of the weekend smile And then, after dinner, Katy and E and Craig and Dahlia played the Lord of the Rings game while I laid on the couch to watch - I was totally falling asleep, so I went upstairs and took a nap. E came to wake me up over 2 hours later!! I woke up badly; didn’t feel rested, and upset tummy and still sore body... so I didn’t eat, but still got to sit and talk to the guys - it was party night for E’s friends to come over and play games, and we talked and laughed and it was really nice - I didn’t go to bed until after midnight. I got to chat with Meg, and they have now actually set a date - October of next year in Boston! Haven’t you all heard me talking about how much I want to go to Boston? I think we are definitely gonna have to plan on going smile

Then to bed, and up early the next morning to get ready to go to Craig’s grad. E’s parents left early to get good seats, and so we got ready and headed over to LaSierra, which was actually further away than I thought. I got some great pics of the palm trees on the way smile It was really hot out, even though it started at 8AM. Luckily, they have shadey trees out on their campus (Walla Walla, my alma mater, doesn’t!), and so we lucked out. The service was long, but Craig was really excited. We had to walk a lot, and my feet actually were swollen so bad by the time we got back to the car that there were huge indentations from my sandles, and these were the comfy sandles. Man!

So home to their house again for another family dinner. This time, Dahlia’s parents came, and so did some other family friends I hadn’t met but had heard a lot about. This meal was good again - we had enchilada cassorole and corn casserole and garlic bread and homemade chocolate and caramel sauce on ice cream for dessert. We sat around and just chatted for a long time and it was really nice. Dahlia’s parents were really nice, and the Eicks were funny.

Then it was naptime again - E and Craig took their dad out for a movie for Fathers day, and I took a nap instead of going. By the time I woke up and they were back, it was too late for us to all go to dinner which was the plan, so we just ate leftovers and the guys came over again for some more game fun... to which I stayed up for a little while and then went back to my book upstairs and went to sleep. E stayed up most of the night playing, and so I woke up way before him and read for part of the morning and leisurely got ready to go with the house all to myself. I sat and read and worked on contract revision that I wanted to do for my business smile and just relaxed until I needed to wake him up. We had some breakfast once he got up and played Skip-bo until it was time to go to the airport. E’s mom took us, but we didn’t have enough time to go by the Krispy Kreme to bring some back with us. Bah! I wanted a donut! We still had plenty of time to wait once we got into the aiport, though, so we had some pizza while we waited.

I felt pretty strange - kinda dizzy, still so sore, and a weird headache - for the flight home. So I don’t think I slept. I read a bit and E slept. We got our luggage and Lisa came to get us (after she realized she’d been going around to the departures, not the arrivals LOL!) and we came home and watched Buffy and I read some of my blogs and we went to bed.

The end! It really was a good trip, and even though I’m really sore, I’m super glad we went. smile


Glad that you had a great trip Kristine...I’m looking forward to yours in July!!!!!

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