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happy tuesday

I feel loved. E has been so good to me, especially so lately. And just looking at him makes me smile. I don’t know what’s different... maybe I’m just more attentive to what’s always there.

Last night, there wasn’t much for dinner in the house, and so I didn’t cook anything. E came home and got all comfy and then we started to talk about the food options and decided that we’d go get Arbys instead. He got all dressed again and we went out and giggled and it was so nice. Isn’t it amazing how sitting at a table and chatting while eating makes you feel closer?

I’m wearing my bright yellow shirt under my overalls today. Its happy and sunshiney. And its supposed to be sunshiney outside, too.

And now, I’m gonna work on tons of projects and get lots done. That’s the plan anyways!

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