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I’m updating so Lynda can see a different person updating on her blogrolling list ;)

Tee hee, no, I’m actually posting to remind you that Lynda has a new set up on her page for her journal (using pMachine, which Lee has been excited about for a long time!), and its beautifully organized. Very cool smile


Yay! I now see you along with the other two people. smile

pMachine isn’t quite ready to play with the big boys. The only advantage it has over MT is that it’s a PHP/MySQL database and has member registration.

But perhaps in the future it will grow - I sure hope so!

Lynda’s site is definitely cool. She has amazed me with all the work she has done with pMachine. She and I are so different in that respect. I tend to take what is available and work with it until it does what I want it to. Lynda, on the other hand, knows about the actual programming and can create hacks to make it do what she wants it to. I wish I were more like her.

I agree that pMachine isn’t all it WILL be. But I’m still excited because I get to be there and grow with it. And have fun in the process. smile

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