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up with the birdies

I’m up, and the birds outside my window are chirp chirp chirping. I’m heavily dosed with Contac, though, and so I’m tingly. (And I’ve had to backspace almost every word I’ve typed in this post so far!) I couldn’t seem to fall back asleep after waking up to go potty, so I got up to do a quick surf to make my eyes sleepy again. I think I’m calling in sick this morning.

My head is superstuffy, which means to me that if I DO have strep, its in addition to tons of other things. I don’t think I do. My throat actually felt tons better before I went to bed, and this morning, I can actually swallow. So yay, I didn’t want strep! ;)

I feel like I’m loosing touch with a few friends right now. I don’t like it when I don’t have time to do my normal routines, and so then I don’t have time to touch base with my friends. I guess its more a personal issue than anything, when I realize that some of the people I visit the most probably aren’t returning the favor. Hmmm... Drugs talking, it must be. But I’m trying to get caught up on my MT forums helping out - I didn’t visit at all yesterday, and I feel behind!

I’m extremely nervous about a quote that I’ve been asked to give for a site. Its much larger than anything I’ve done, and I have no idea how to section it up for pricing. 'Specially when its a complete remodel and content isn’t going to stay the same. I *know* that I can make the look better, I’m just not sure how to figure out what time would be involved to do it. Hmmm... I better do some figuring out pretty fast because I’d love to do this and don’t want them to go away just because I’m such a newbie I don’t know this stuff.

I’m so excited to see so many new people taking the bloginality test over night - right now, there have been 79 visitors to take the test!!

It just really weighs on my mind to have so many things unfinished. No matter how many things I get done, my brain is always making up new ideas. Can I have a personal team to help me complete all the ideas?! No, cuz I’d be too much of a damn perfectionist to let anyone else do anything. It all boils down to me being an ISTJ, doesn’t it? Baby steps, Kristine. Do one thing at a time. And get better first, darn it!

So yeah. Its time to back to bed, because I yawned. Lets hope I can fall asleep this time smile

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