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MTV Movie awards

Darn it. I missed the MTV Movie Awards..... No wait.

Now I get to the end of the freaking article, and it says "The 2002 MTV Movie Award winners were picked by a nationwide survey of MTV viewers. The telecast will air on June 6 on the MTV cable television channel and be seen in 165 countries." Then why on earth are they already reporting the winners on MSN today?!?



Hmmm, my t.v. station said it was on last night Kristine.

I heard they were already held and the broadcasts were a few days later thanks to LOTR being a winner there.

Yeah, they don’t hold 'em live. Lots of airbrushing and bleeping to do first... wink


bridget jones and moulin rouge were shafted. totally shafted. grrrr. sad

I heard who the winners were via the nightly news. No surprises for that awards show- it must be televised just for the clothing.

I luv sarah and she is a really good singer she is my roll model
i am tryin to find Movies kick ass lyrics coz i luv the song so much lol

well gtg

Luv ya loads sarah


Here are the lyrics, just for you...laughing
JB: I remember when I was a child. I used to stand in line at the matinee. And when the lights when down on my dreams, they came alive on the silver screens. Movies kick ass.
SMG: Excuse me, is this seat taken?
JB: Wow, Sarah Michelle Gellar, what are you doing here?
SMG: Iím here to see a movie. Just like you. I love the maths professors with the mental disease.
JB: I love the plucky blondes earning law degrees.
SMG: Hobbitís and Ogreís and Tomb Raiding chicks.
JB: And the guy who glued his hand to hisÖ
SMG: Dictionaryís define movie as a series of pictures projected in rapid succession. But movies are so much more than that.
JB: Like a live wire hurtling on a spacemanís car. Milky way Magic on a shooting star.
SMG: ErrÖJack, I donít think that meant anything. But it makes me wanna sing.
Both: Movies kick ass. They show people having sex.
SMG: Jousting knights and light-sabre fights. Radioactive arachnid bites.
JB: And people having sex.
Both: Movies kick ass.
SMG: Jack, whatís wrong?
JB: Iím scared Sarah. Scared Iím going to be a bad host. I mean look at all these movie stars in the audience tonight. What if I stink up the joint? I donít have any answers. And my fears are embodied in these dancers. SMG wonít you help me? Iím so full of insecurity.
SMG: But Jack, everybodyís insecure.
AG: Sheís right Jack.
JB: What? Who said that? Andy Garcia!
Ag: You know Jack, I know another actor whoís insecure sometimes.
JB: You meanÖ?
AG: No. Brittney Murphy.
BM: Everybodyís got insecurities. Everyone gets the blues. And if you canít take it from Andy and me, take it from Mr Tom Cruise.
Some Guy: Tom Cruise didnít wanna sing. I guess he was kinda scared. So come on Jack gather up your nuts you son of a bitch.
All: You can find the confidence. If you look deep inside. Just listen up to us movie starsÖ.we would never lie.
JB: Youíre right movie stars I can do it. So letís kick some ass.
All: Movies kick serious. Movie kick majorly, Movies kick absolutal, total and complete ass.

Just found out, 'Some guy' is Andy Dick. Thanks smile