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no energy

What I should have said to the barrage of f*cks that just came out of his mouth when talking about work things:

I just don’t have the energy to deal with it today, Leonard. I can’t be between you and mom. Yes, you screwed up by not coming back yesterday. We promised a customer a bridle, and you didn’t come back to ship it. I’m sorry your car took so long to get fixed, but you could have at least called. No, I can’t get these invoices done instanteously, I have other things on my desk from yesterday that aren’t done yet. No, I can’t read the customers minds, and if they call wanting a 10" traffic handle, I’m gonna order them one even if our standard is 12". Yes, I did tell her that our standard was 12, and she wanted a 10. No, you can’t just take the tag off the 12" one and give it to them. Our customers aren’t "stupid assholes", and we try to take care of them no matter what your opinion of their special orders is. That order was sloppy, I’m sorry. No, it wasn’t Matthew that took the order, it was me... I was doing so many things yesterday. I’m sorry, I can’t barely move today, and so no, I can’t run that to the back for you. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

My heart aches as much as my body, for my brothers attitude about work is again awful. And I know that he’s discouraged, but so am I, and I can’t carry the job as it is, moreless with his negativity.

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