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its silver, baby!

Guess what? The pieces for my computer showed up last night! So guess what E just had to do? build me some fun!

We had gotten my case a few weekends ago, and its so beautiful and shiny silver. And omigod, this logitech keyboard is so wonderful. I don’t think my fingers want to leave it ;)

So I watched and helped him with that last night, and he ghosted my hard drive to make sure that the new system didn’t do anything to it first (we got him a new hard drive at the same time). And I can’t wait to get into some real programs so I can see what this baby can do! Its an Athlon 1800 this time, while my last one was a Celeron 600. So I should be zooming along.

But unfortunately, I must drag my sad sad sore body back to work. I worked DAMN hard yesterday, but still didn’t make it through everything that had to be done. And I woke up with an awful sore throat. But no choice, I’m the only one who can do the job today, and so I *have* to be there. No choice. I keep telling myself, I just have to make it through one more day, and if I get sick after that, I’ll be home wednesday and reserve the right to stay home thursday if needbe too.

AHHHhhhh, my keyboard has a little scrollwheel right on the side of it! I just need to get used to using it with my left hand - I have a sucky mouse because I don’t really use it anyhow, and my purple one has to go with the purple computer when we sell it. So wow, this is just way neato smile I have a whole bunch of buttons I can program on the keyboard too.... coooool! ;)


what kind of logitech keyboard did you get? i’m looking into getting one of the cordless ones (along with a cordless mouse) for when i head back to school.

Well, since my desk has a keyboard tray, it really didn’t matter to have a cordless... so I got the >Internet Navigator keyboard (from best buy). The Cordless Freedom iTouch set has a mouse and keyboard, and it looks as snazzy as mine does smile We’ve got a cordless mouse (its whatever their basic one was a year+ ago) for here at work on Annette’s desk, and its SO nice. I’d definitely choose Logitech if you are gonna get one smile

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