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graphic goo

A new issue of Graphic Goo is out! Chock full of wonderful tips and tricks for Web designers, and anyone who is learning to create their own space on the web.

Yours truely put in another appearance on this issue with Beginning PHP, to follow my Beginning CSS one of last month. I’m so glad I could add to the issues!


I’m definitely going to have to read those --- over and over and over again. And, once again. I need to learn php. I need to learn soooo much. Thanks for the links.

I just love your articles, Kristine. They’re so easy to understand - a rarity in a lot of "technical" articles. I’m so proud to be able to have them on Graphic Goo. smile

Can I just say that you seriously rule?? laughing
Congrats on being so published, you are truly making an impact on people (well, at least me) to want to get to REALLY learn things.

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