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sites down?

Well, I’m not absolutely sure what’s going on, but I suspect that somehow, the blogomania sites aren’t working with www. in front of them right now. And several of them aren’t coming up at all.

Considering how HUGE the number of days of uptime we’ve had, I’m not complaining yet!

I just sure makes it quiet to read blogs when they aren’t working!


I know! It’s Wednesday and I can’t post my "It’s a Group Thing." You know, I had these weird dream last night in which you left the code on my site to fix my un/subscribe comments issue and I kept thinking I was coding all night long. The signs that you’ve been blogging too much, I guess. smile

i e-mailed christine about this, hopefully she’ll get it. my site is down, along with e-mail as well. i noticed a bunch of other blogomanias sites down too. earlier blogomania.com and hostmatters.com were down. it seems to be a name resolution issue, since i can access my site using the server url... let me know if you hear anything! love ya!

Damn evil name servers. Lovely long post in the Blogomania forums (which I’ve already sent to you by e-mail) about what happened. It wasn’t just our sites, it was everyone hosted by Hosting Matters in one way or another. Fun, fun, fun... All fixed now though it seems! Yeah!

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