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summer movies

What do I like almost more than the summer movies? Lists of hot movies to keep an eye out for. :giggle:
Entertainment Weekly’s hot summer movies

And the list is -

10. Signs - Mel Gibson and the director of Sixth Sense. partially filmed in the area near where I went to college
9. XXX - Vin Diesel and the director/producer of Fast and the Furious. damn sexy arms!
8. Ya Ya Sisterhood - lots of stars!
7. Road to Perdition - Tom Hanks
6. Scooby Dooooo - SMG and Freddie with Matthew Lillard. Fun stuff!
5. Goldmember - Austin Powers
4. Minority Report - Tom Cruise and Speilburg Saw the preview - wowsome!
3. Men in Black II - Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones again!
2. Episode II - SEEN IT!! smile
1. Spider-man - SEEN IT! smile


Thanks for reminding me for wanting to get my copy out of the car tomorrow. smile

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