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this evening

Its sure been nice to have another day off. I didn’t use it the way I thought I would, but its been a good weekend nonetheless.

Friday, I dealt with my CD-RW breaking. I didn’t feel well for much of the day, and ended up playing Spyro instead of getting work done. I did cook dinner, though smile

Saturday, more relaxing, and then an outing to eat, watch Episode II, and that was about it.

Sunday, we started searching for things online for my computer, I played, and then took a nap. When I woke up, E suggested going to Fry’s, and took the kids with us, and when to Spaghetti Factory.

Monday, I worked and played and was a bit grumpy because no one would tell me the plans for my mom’s birthday. Finally, we found out the plans, and spent most of our day at their house. We came home, and I’ve worked on helping on the MT forums , some updates to Blogplates , a post on scripty goddess, and some other assorted tasks.

Oh, the computer thing. E has a bug to want to build a computer. After we bought a bigger hard drive, and my mom decided she wanted a better computer, he decided that if we were gonna shop for one, it should be for me, and he should build it from scratch. So he did a bunch of shopping online for the components he wanted to use - Athlon 1800, 256K Ram, a fancy motherboard, I’m getting his old graphics card and he’s getting a new one, I’ll probably get a new cd-rw to replace the one I broke, we’ll put his 10Gig hard drive in the system before we sell it to mom, so I’ll keep my 30 and 80gig drives. I’ll have to give up my cute keyboard and mouse (which I barely use because I have my tablet) that matches my HP when I sell it, so I’ll need a new keyboard. And so we went over to Fry’s, which is a huge electronic store, and found me a case! Its beautiful and silver instead of beige, and I’ll take a picture as soon as it gets out of its box smile I think all the pieces are on their way now smile So its darn exciting!!! smile

I talked to Lisa today about work stuff. She wasn’t super responsive, but at least she knows the plan. Ever time I think about this week and this month, I start stressing, so I need to just let each day go one by one. Tomorrow is a half day, and wednesday is off, and that’s all I need to think about now. Right?!

Its good to see my friends coming back after the long weekend of quietness. smile

And this ended up being a HUGE post!!! smile


The sky was just GORGEOUS on Sunday for us, too! As we were driving along the Taconic State Parkway, heading home from a barbeque that we went to, the sky was swirls of pink, blue, and orange ... just spectacular. We couldn’t get over how pretty it was. We tried to snap a photo of it with our digital camera, but the flash kept messing it up. sad But it was simply gorgeous ... just beautiful. Glad that you had a pretty sky, too!

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