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happy weekend!

Its so exciting to have a long weekend. To wake up and know that there’s still lots of days before going back to work!

What have I done this morning? Lots! I’ve been researching business licenses. I customized a graphics set and made money before 7AM ;) I helped a friend with her MT setup. I replied to a bunch of emails. Surfed and played some too. And ate breakfast!

Today, the plan is (as long as I don’t feel any worse) to go out to Hazel Dell, to E’s work and pick up the mail for his boss. While we are out, we want to see Episode II. Hopefully, we’ll eat something yummy too ;) I have Spaghetti Factory in mind, but we’ll see. Sounds like a great date, doesn’t it?

Before all that, I get a nap though. I’ve earned it already this morning!


Dang girl you’ve been busy!! Sounds exciting though, heh money is a gooooood thing!

Sounds like a fantastic date, I think I went to a Spaghetti Factory when we lived in Columbus, but eh, can’t remember hehe. Is it good?

Oooh—sounds like a great date! I’m still sitting here muttering "I drank what?" from last night. *g* Have fun today!

Thank you for helping me girlie!! smile I so appreciate it~Enjoy the movie~It was good!!

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