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052402 to do

There’s nothing like going back to sleep for another 3 hours and STILL waking up with a headache. Silly head!

I do have a revised to do list that I was was working on before going back to sleep, but FIRST? breakfast smile

lisa’s dingbats
blogplates - write soul karma?
reply to Al about template
reply to Becky about photoblog
webgoddess ring?
work on goo article - outline and links found example table, finish writing
bs? outline?
write back zal
renew magazine
pay last bill
skin for snarky?
pig latin hack? - write sg group for testing it
write Nikki about tableless layouts
write Steve
write back Todd
write Melissa
add links to snap sidebar
submit pics to mirror project
add snarky to sidebar
make E’s graphics

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