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end of mhd

So at about 3 yesterday, I started to get hungry. I had a late breakfast, so I hadn’t had lunch, which isn’t usually a problem for me.... I’ve been a bit sick-nausea-feeling for weeks, and so it makes me not as hungry. When downstairs, ate an apple, and started to feel icky from standing up. Came upstairs, worked some more, and by the time trading spaces started at 4, I had a bad headache. I laid down on the couch to watch it (instead of multi-tasking with my computer) and by the time it was over, I was just miserable. I went to bed, and was still there when E got home at 6. I barely made it out of bed long enough to eat some dinner - I was hungry by then! - and we watched Angel while we had dinner. But then it was back to bed, and sore sad girl was sore and sad. :sigh:

I really didn’t do anything abnormal yesterday that caused it. Trust me, I laid in bed and 2nd guessed every thing I had done. The drugs I took didn’t even touch it. It really wasn’t the same as a migraine, because my whole head hurt... but it was that bad, so it could have been a form of one. Just not the same feelings at all. They never start out with nausea and light sensativity; that always comes AFTER the headache. I’m thinking that maybe I sat just too long yesterday, and my circulation was affected too much, and then the walk downstairs jiggled my brain just enough, and then it happened.


I’m still feeling way gross. But if I miss today, I’m gonna be tortured in many ways. Since I am off friday and monday, everyone would be super mad if I skipped today and I probably wouldn’t get paid for the holidays. :sigh: So here I go, off to try and survive the sunlight on the way to work. And then the light in the office. And then the questions and chit-chat that is in the office. I need silence, PLEASE?!


oh hugs kristine! i’m thinking of you today!

Thinking of you, sweetie, and sending you good thoughts.


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