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energy envelope

Normally, I’d just post a link to an article like this on my lovelinks journal to keep for refefence. But this one was particularlly interesting smile

CFIDS-FMS Self-Help - Finding Your Energy Envelope, Part I

To use the idea of the energy envelope, think of your situation as having three elements. The first is your available energy. This is the energy you have to accomplish things. It is limited and is replenished by rest and food. The second is your expended energy, the energy you lose through physical, mental and emotional exertion. The third is your symptoms, fatigue, brain fog, pain, and so on. In this view, if you expend more energy than you have available, you will intensify your symptoms. This is called living outside the energy envelope. An alternative is living inside the energy envelope. If you keep your expended energy within the limits of your available energy, you have a chance to reduce symptoms, and over time may be able to expand your limits.
The article went on to talk about scheduling rest periods and doing things to expand your limits. A good read for anyone with various illnesses.


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