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90? and to do

I do think someone screwed up on my weather email of the day - Somehow, It doesn’t look like it’ll get even close to 90 all morning and then go back to 50 by this evening. LOL! (cloudy and rainy here, not 90 by any chance!!!)

I’m so relieved its my day off. In honor of it, I’ve been going through my mailbox putting together a list. Now I’m gonna go wake up E and take a nap. Ahhhhhh....

lisa’s dingbats
guest recipe on TRK
Add ladybug to TRK
set up new blogplates member Miz Graphics
- go through members list for bad links; modify Kendra’s journal link
write soul karma?
reply to Al about template
quote for Amber - found reply already in outbox!
reply to Becky about photoblog
webgoddess ring?
join Goo webring
work on goo article
write back zal
add Lissa’s link
write back kathy
log into Kathy’s MT
Sara’s new project
renew magazine
pay last bill
skin for snarky?
pig latin hack?


Isn’t it weird how it is almost June and at least here in Ohio, it is in the 50's-60’s? Demented heh

Dang woman, you have a long list of "to-do's"

Can you had the congfig for a photolog with Mt ... HAve a great day...REST!!!

Goodness, please send that weather this way. It’s the end of May for goodness sake and I’m sick of cool, damp weather!

nah, Trish - somebody screwed up at the weather channel when sending out the notification... its really only like 47 or something here. LOL! smile

Girlie, I’m glad you have that new project on there, I was wondering if you and he were going to participate! smile


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