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quiet today

It was a hard night for me - a few bad dreams, up for 3 or 4 hours, and then up to work. My headache was worse this morning (duh, my sleep was way interupted!) and so my work wasn’t so much quality work. I mean, I worked, I just don’t feel like everything was up to my normal level.

So Megan was working on a paper due tomorrow, so she needed me to look at her outline. So I brought it to bed with me and wrote notes and drew pictures on it before falling asleep for longer than I planned on. But that’s okay, I needed the sleep.

I got up and typed up my notes for Meg, and now I just peeled potatoes for dinner (open face turkey (meatless) sandwiches!) Trading Spaces is on upstairs and down so I can watch as I hobble back and forth smile

Where did the day go?!


Hmmm, I’m not quite sure myself. 10pm here and tomorrow is work and my date. Work is okay, but the date has me crappin' in my pants smile

Have a good night Kristine!

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